Types of balls we use

T-ball: RIF 1 or DeBeer Tuff Lite

7U: RIF 1 or DeBeer Tuff Lite

8U: RIF 10

10U: 11" Worth Dream Seam

12U, 14U, 16U, 18U: 12" Worth Dream Seam


If your BA Girls Softball Recreational League team needs equipment, please contact our office at 918-251-0868


USA Softball Testing & Certification Program

USA Softball has taken great strides to protect the integrity of the sport. Each year, the USA Softball's equipment testing and specifications committee examines the current rules and specifications governing various items of equipment. This committee makes recommendations to the USA Softball's council comprised of USA Softball commissioners, select youth and player representatives, umpire-in-chiefs, elite athletes and other affiliated members. The council is the ultimate decision maker of USA Softball rules and regulations regarding equipment.


Check here when new equipment has been added to the USA Softball's Non-Linear Compression Thresholds list. Click the button above for complete information. When you access the list, you will see the additions highlighted in yellow by date added.