New for 2019 – USA Softball Registration Assistance!


Competitive teams that register in Oklahoma can play in any Broken Arrow tournament (except the Pre-season Tournament) and receive up to $80 towards their USA Softball registration and 2 coach’s background check/Safe Sport/ACE certification. Broken Arrow will either reimburse the team with a check or apply it toward the tournament entry fee.

ACE will need to be completed at least 5 days prior to the draw for the tournament.  Simply bring a copy of your background check/ACE receipt and proof of completion and USA Softball registration.  At the tournament, you will receive up to $80 one-time reimbursement.  (USA Softball ACE Certification with background check is $25 for new coaches.  If you have previously completed ACE, the cost is $20.)  Go to to get started!

To complete USA Softball Team registration $30 (without insurance) go to and click on the “USA Softball of Oklahoma Team Registration Form” button.

If you would like to individually register your team, you can still get up to $80 one-time reimbursement towards that registration.  Registration with insurance starts at $17 per player.

If you have already completed your 2019 USA Softball registration and ACE certification, just bring proof and receipt and you can get reimbursed also!  (maximum of $80) Just participate in any tournament at Arrowhead Park.

·         Enter tournaments at

·         If you have any questions regarding USA Softball registration, please contact Carolyn Shafer at or 918-355-4970.

·         Any questions regarding this procedure, please contact Robert Shafer at or 918-808-4643.